Medicare Advantage Plans in Connecticut

Medicare Advantage Plans in Connecticut

It is true that Medicare Advantage Plans are beneficial. Are you aware of the methods of applying? Moreover, you must understand the guidelines that you have to abide by. Seeking help from a Medicare specialist can be helpful.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Connecticut offer coverage for expenses that are not paid by your original Medicare. The Medicare Advantage Plans are also known as Medigap policies that are sold by private insurance carriers and include coverages like copayments, deductibles, coinsurance etc.

An overview of Medicare Plan in Connecticut

In order to qualify for the Medigap policy, you have to enroll for Medicare Parts A and B. There are several factors that can affect the premiums of the policy you choose. Hence, be careful. The factors include:

  • Your payment method
  • Your location
  • Benefits
  • Insurance company you choose
  • Deductibles and copayments amount

Thanks to the Guaranteed Issue Poliy, you are not subject to any Initial Enrollment Period, and can buy Medicare Advantage Plan. In case, you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you cannot purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Enrollment statistics

  • 151,267 residents of Connecticut have Medigap Plan enrollment.
  • Almost 32.9% of the Medicare policy holders have Medigap coverage.
  • Plan F seems to be the most popular policy, followed by Plan N.
  • The list of five largest Connecticut counties are:
  • Fairfield
  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • New London
  • Litchfield

Calculating the premium rates of the Medicare plans

There are three ways that are used by the certified insurance companies to measure or calculate the premiums.

Age Attained

Based on your current age, the rates are determined. As you age, the premium rates increase.

Issue Age

The premiums are calculated based on the age during your Initial Enrollment Period. The premium rate doesn’t increase due to aging.

Community Rated

Irrespective of the age, the policy holders will be charged the same rate.

When you are in Connecticut, your Medigap plans are available on the basis of Guaranteed Issue. The rates are not viable for change in terms of age, health conditions and gender.

Accessible Medicare Advantage Plans

Currently, there are 10 standardized Medicare Advantage Plans accessible in Connecticut. Plan A provides the fundamental benefits, and others offer some additional benefits. Plan F is considered as one of the popular policies.  The majority of the insurance companies offer Medigap Plans F, G and N. CLICK HERE To Get More Information

Covering prescription drug expenses

The Medicare Advantage Plans in Connecticut don’t offer any coverage of prescription drugs. In order to seek the advantages of prescription drug expense coverage, you need to sign up separately for Medicare Part D.

Enrolling for Connecticut Medicare Advantage Plans

In order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Connecticut, there are certain aspects that need to be fulfilled.

  • You must be a resident of Connecticut
  • You need to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B.
  • The presence of Guaranteed Issue Policy, enrollment in Medigap policy can be done any time.
  • Policy holders can change their Medigap policies any time.

The creditable coverage includes:

  • Group Health Plan
  • Medic Aid
  • Public Health Plan
  • Federal Employee Health Plan
  • State Health Benefits Risk Pool
  • Medical Plan under the Peace Corps Act
  • Medicare Advantage, Medicare Advantage Insurance, Medicare Select

Perhaps the best part about Connecticut Medicare Plan is that it can be used anywhere around the USA as long as your Medicare is accepted by the doctors and treatment facilities. Basically, you have the complete right of choosing the doctors and treatment centers.